Thursday, September 8, 2011

Long overdue update .. not the good kind either

Well I started the year off with a bang... was totally digging the working out.. running on a treadmill and just life in general. Then May come along, now let me preface by saying prior to this I had no issues with the month of May. Anyway, my right knee just started hurting. I took a couple weeks off running and there was no improvement. There was no swelling and no bruising, but also no improvement. Matter of fact it was slowly getting more and more painful. I was become more and more limited. Stairs were not an option, it was stiff and sore. It would catch and randomly I would drop from it just not working right. After about 8 weeks of this nonsense, I relented and made an appointment with my orthopedic doctor. A few thousand dollars and one mri later, I found out I tore my meniscus (again!). I had surgery in the middle of July. At this moment, I have very little cartilage left in the knee.

I am just under 8 weeks out from surgery. I was told no running for a good while, so I just started back up. My style is off and totally notorious. I looked so bad the other day some guy stopped and asked if I needed a ride. It will be a slow process back into running full time. And even when I get back into it full time, I was informed that I really need to cut back on my running. :-( My knees are just too damaged and can't handle the strain.

So why this sounds like a debbie downer update, I am actually okay with it. I am running lightly to rehab for now and plan on getting into cycling in the spring. Less impact and still a damn good workout.

Hopefully everyone's summer went a bit better than mine....

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